Irmelin Lundstad

Norwegian spiritual artist & medium.

I channel drawings and readings from both guides and loved ones in spirit. I do my work on Zoom and you can choose to get your picture digital or by post.  My readings are in english and norwegian. 

Reading on zoom with spiritual drawing

Reading with a drawing from spirit. I connect with your loved ones in spirit and your spirit guides to give you messages and proof of their existence. There is usually a mix of souls coming trough and the pictures are often a blend of those. I can record the reading so you can look at it later, because the picture can often change troughout the reading.(You can choose to skip the recording) I will send the picture to you as an .jpg file in an e-mail. If you want the original sent to you, we can arrange that.

NOK 550,- £47

The reading last for 30 min.  Book your reading on the button below. 

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The pictures showing here is just for illustrations, I will make one just for you! I will send you the picture in an e-mail, you can also get the picture by post. Shipping is extra if you choose this. 

Soul picture

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A soulpicture is a picture where I look at your past, where you are now and where you are going. It will bring out important elements for you to work on so you can go where you are intended.

Zoom reading 60 minutes.

NOK 1.100,-,- £95

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Romantic love picture

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Love sweet love, but how do I find the one I am waiting for? Many ask that question, and there is nothing wrong about that. We all long for and need love in our life. I will connect with you and your guides to draw a picture, and channel what you need to do now to find that love. There is always some self-development to do in order to find what you are looking for.I hope this can help you!

Zoom reading 60 minutes.

NOK 1.100,- £95

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Spirit guide picture

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Do you want to get to know your guide(s)? I will connect with your spirit guides so they can communicate with you and tell you what you need. You will get to know more about guides so you can understand them better.

Zoom reading 60 minutes

NOK 1100,- £95

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Healing card

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This is a card 10,5x15 cm with healingenergies in it for you. At the back of the drawing you will get a short message from your guides. They will tell you what is importent for you now to heal. This is not a reading in zoom, just the written message on the back. You can use the drawing and message for meditation if you want, or carry it with you to have the energies around you. I always do that! 

NOK 250,- £21

What my Customers say about me.

Irmelin did a wonderful spirit drawing of my Grandmother. The likeness was incredible, and she passed on messages from my Grandmother which were very accurate and reassuring.

Thank you Irmelin, you are so very talented. You have many wonderful skills, your artwork, mediumship, trance... I always feel uplifted after speaking to you xxx

Zoe Howard

Thank you so much Irmelin Lundstad for such a beautiful drawing. My guides wanted to show me the energy that works from my heart, as very accurately they feel I don't see it myself and sometimes question the purpose of my spiritual work (all the time). This is just so beautiful and it has brought me such confidence in the purpose as well as happiness seeing my energy looks so wonderful You have such an amazing gift and thank you so very much! X

Lauren Baker

Thank you to Irmelin Lundstad for this beautiful drawing of a lovely guide who says I need to be around nature & study herbs, oils & nature - funny that as I've been wanting to do Aromatherapy for a little while now so I will definitely take on this advice

Helena Williams

Just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you to Irmelin Lundstad for connecting to my Dad in spirit and drawing him! I knew who it was straight away and was blown away by her accuracy! It’s a drawing I will treasure forever (as I don’t have many photos of him) thank you so much for your generosity and kindness xxx

Martine Applegate

Thank you, Irmelin Lundstad, for this wonderful drawing from your spiritual art reading just now. Imagine my surprise and delight to see my spirit/healing guide looking out at me! I love the idea of an owl being my spirit animal! Very timely, as I spent the morning having my spirit lifted by a walk in the bluebell woods near where I live. I shall continue to reach out to nature to help me develop (and learn to trust myself) and keep an eye out for elves along the way.

Jacki King-Turner

Irmelin did a reading on zoom for me while drawing the person she had connected with. Was such a lovely experience. She connected with my grandad and brought through his sense of humour and his personality and advice from him.

The drawing she did of him added to his message of staying young.

Thank you so much Irmelin. Awesome xxx

Lynn Nugent

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